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Making a complaint

1 – How do I make a complaint?

Complaints should be made to the Senedd Commissioner for Standards, at the following address:

Commissioner for Standards
Welsh Parliament
Cardiff Bay
CF99 1SN

email address: standards.commissioner@senedd.wales

Direct dial telephone number 0300 200 6542

Your call or e-mail will be returned or acknowledged within 24 working hours of receipt.

Please see our Privacy Notice for information on what we do with your complaint.

2 – When is a complaint admissible?

The Procedure for Dealing with Complaints against Members of the Senedd sets out the terms under which a complaint is admissible. There are 7 tests that must be passed before a complaint is acceptable these are:

A complaint is admissible under this procedure if:

(a) is made in writing;
(b) states the name of the complainant;
(c) states the postal or email address of the complainant except where the complainant is a current Member;
(d) is about the alleged conduct of a named Member;
(e) states the acts or omissions of the Member being complained about that are alleged to have breached a provision in the Code or other relevant provision;
(f) in relation to each act or omission complained of, is supported by sufficient evidence to satisfy the Commissioner that (i) the conduct complained of may have taken place and (ii) if proved might amount to a breach of a relevant provision; and
(g) is made within six months from the date of the conduct complained of, unless the Commissioner is satisfied there is good cause for the delay.

Areas not covered by the Standards Commissioner:

  • The actions of the Welsh Government and Ministers carrying out Welsh Government business do not generally fall within the remit of the Standards Commissioner. Any such complaint should be directed to the Office of the First Minister.
  • Issues relating to performance of the Member of the Senedd in his or her role is essentially a matter for the electorate at the ballot box.

Advice and information is also available from the Commissioner’s Office at the address above or by telephoning 0300 200 6532