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Complaints procedure

Review of Procedure

In the early part of 2012 I worked jointly with the Standards Committee to review the Complaints Procedure for Assembly Members.  I sought the views of all Party leaders and individual Assembly Members, the Presiding Officer and the Assembly Clerk, on the Complaints Procedure. I also consulted with counterparts in other legislatures, notably the UK Parliament, Scottish Parliament, Northern Ireland and Ireland to identify best practice procedures.

The overall aim of the review was to update, streamline and speed up procedures, without compromising the need for openness and natural justice to prevail. Amendments to the Complaints Procedure are not intended to reduce the protection of Members from vexatious complaints, but to make the procedure less complex and easier to understand, both for Members and the general public. It is obviously essential that public confidence in the system is not eroded, and that real complaints can be handled in a timely fashion.

The Complaints Procedure is available here.