Upholding reputations, safeguarding standards, addressing concerns

Complaints Statistics 1 July – 30 Sep 2021

Complaints carried forward from 2020-21

Eight complaints remain outstanding from 2020-21 due to my having to postpone my consideration to allow criminal proceedings to take their course. I have recently resumed my consideration of these complaints.

New complaints

The following Tables give information of complaints received in the second quarter of 2021-22. For an explanation of the Tables please refer to Section 3 of the Annual Report 2020-21

Table 1: Complaints received, source and admissibility

% by public85%100%
% by Member0%0%
% by Clerk of the Senedd150%
% not admissible85%100%
% admissibility not decided by period end0%60%*

*On 1 Oct 21 – 3 complaints awaiting further information for admissibility decision

Table 2: Reasons for inadmissibility

1Not in writing (criterion i)00
2Not about conduct of identified Member (Criteria ii &iv)00
3Anonymous complaint or complaint not sufficiently identified (criterion iii)00
4Not within the time allowed (criterion v)00
5Insufficient evidence to justify further investigation (criterion vi)62

Table 3: Further explanation of complaints found inadmissible due to insufficient substance to justify further investigation (criterion vi)

5aInsufficient evidence32
5bStandard of service20
5cBelow registration threshold00
5dAbout Ministerial conduct10
5eAbout conduct in Siamber00
5fExpression of opinion00
5gOther 00

Table 4: complaints by subject matter

Conduct on social media00
Misuse of resources10
Standard of service24
Failure to register11
Outside remit10
Other conduct20